Interior Design's DRAWING CATEGORY
by Ravi Pugaliya
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Site Plan Design Building Design Elevation Design Section Design Plan Design 2D Floor Plans with Interior Electrical and Plumbing Plan Design Drawing Categories (with Prefix in Parentheses): Title Sheets (T) Civil Drawings (C) Landscape (L) Architectural (A) Structural (S) Mechanical (M) Plumbing (P) Electrical (E) Kitchen (K) A-1 Title Sheet A-2 Demolition Plan and Project Site Conditions A-3 Plaza Layout, Plot Plan A-4 Plaza Elevation and Details A-5 Second Basement, Material and Finish Schedule A-6 Second Basement, Floor Plan A-7 First Basement, Material and Finish Schedule A-8 First Basement, Floor Plan A-9 Plaza Level, Floor Plan and Mezzanine Plan Structural S-1 Foundation Details April 12, 1994 S-2 Second Basement, Floor and Foundation April 20, 1994 Plan S-3 First Basement, Framing Plan April 3, 1994 S-4 Plaza Level, Framing Plan April 20, 1994 S-5 Second Floor and Third Floor Plan May 1, 1994 S-6 Penthouse, Floor Plan April 14, 1994 Mechanical All mechanical drawings . M-1 Second Basement, Floor Plan M-2 First Basement, Floor Plan M-3 Plaza Level, Floor Plan M-4 Plaza Level, Mezzanine Plan Plumbing All plumbing drawings. P-1 Second Basement, Floor Plan P-2 First Basement, Floor Plan P-3 Plaza Level, Mezzanine Plan P-4 Plaza Plan P-5 Second Floor, Plan and Pipe Branches Schedule P-6 Third Floor, Plan and Pipe Branches Schedule P-7 Penthouse, Floor and Main Roof Plan P-8 Roofs Over Penthouse and Shafts and Details Electrical All electrical drawings E-1 Plot Plan, Electrical E-2 Plaza Plan, Lighting E-3 Second Basement Plan, Lighting E-4 Second Basement Plan, Power and Signal E-5 First Basement Plan, Lighting E-6 First Basement Plan, Power and Signal In case of residential building (i) Plan prepared and signed by authorized technical personnel. (ii) Land documents like khatian, parcha, land deed,etc. (iii) Tax payment receipt up to the end of the financial year (iv) No objection certificate from neighbors in case minimum 4'ft. space is not kept from boundary line. (v) Clearance certificate from electricity department. (vi) Soil testing report (in case of multi storied building). (vii) Design calculation (in case of multi storied building). (viii) Clearance certificate from Fire service (in case of multi storied building). (ix) Any other condition imposed time to time 4. The Town Planner shall scrutinize the plans and drawings and convey their comments on the following aspects:- a. The area of the Plot. b. The area allowed to be converted by the Dy. Collector. c. The permissible FAR. d. FAR proposed for construction. e. Height of the Building. f. Number of units allowed and their purpose. g. Total built up area. h. The area kept for car parking, open space etc. i. Set-backs approved North, South, East and West. j. Area of the existing structure, in case of reconstruction. k. Access to the proposed construction. l. Whether any traditional access or footpath exists.