Why use an interior designer cum Interior Decorator?
by Ravi Pugaliya
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10 good reasons

  1. Searches for quality available in the area .
  2. Knows furniture construction.
  3. Follows fashion trends.
  4. Scales the furniture so that everything fits without feeling crowded or bare.
  5. Negotiates best price with vendor so you don't have to.
  6. Custom designs are available so the client has a unique look.
  7. Turnkey service - ordering, follow up and delivery provided by the outfit.
  8. Houseware and appliance packages available. We know where to buy the best.
  9. We go on as many shopping trips as necessary to put it all together. Client need make as many or as little trips to the shops as they choose.
  10. We make your life easier, so you can have quality vacation time. No stress!